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   Bridal Shower Party Ideas

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Bridal Shower is one time activity in anybody life. After it passes the couple there is no point in regretting. It is the time of bonding. It is the time of introduction with new people. It is time of fun. It needs planning.

Here are a few ideas for Bridal Shower 

I read on a portal that in a Bridal Shower the guests brought unwrapped gifts. They had to keep their gifts on a big table and walk away. The couple would walk to the table and open the gifts. The guests could also see the couple checking their gifts and admiring them.After the Bridal Shower the couple was moving to a different location. They requested their guests to give gift cards of the place they were moving to. It saved the trouble of the guests. The couple would place all the gift cards in a big envelope and take to the place they were moving to.

From decades it is a tradition to celebrate the bridal shower at home or restaurants. The trend is changing quickly. Now the couple can plan their shower on a beach on weekends. They can change it from a shower to a wine tasting party or a spa weekend.

Giving token of appreciation to the guests is a very old tradition. It can be creative. It is a great idea and saves money. We serve tea at the shower. Instead we can create three different packages like brightly coloured mugs with English breakfast tea, white tea cups with white or green tea and small espresso-style cups with chamomile.  We have to place them on a table with some catchy signs.

One of the popular games in Bridal Shower is HOW WELL DOES THE GROOM KNOW THE BRIDE?  This game needs some planning. We have to list some question. Before the event we ask these questions to the groom. In the event we are going to ask the same questions to the bride and check how many answers match. It is a great game and should be kept in every Bridal Shower.

Let me tell you about a nice game that you can keep in you bridal shower. You have to spend on an apron. It takes less space and needs concentration. Concentration keeps everybody involved. Here are the details. The bride walks around the room modelling an apron covered in kitchen utensils- peelers, masher, etc. After she leaves the room the guests have to try to write down as many utensils as they can remember- the guests with the most correct answers wins the apron.

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