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an odd color leaf ..

2/28/2017 7:32:00 PM

an odd color leaf ..   While looking at these colorful yellow-orange-red fall leaves circling to the ground, I wonder why trees are exactly opposite of human beings.. first of all, trees give away something every day which they need everyday for living.. think of oxygen ! that is so "un-human" :)  And now the winter is close, trees are ready with colorful leafy summer clothes !.. Some have already started shedding those..  are they heading to the beach ? Surely you too need a break after working hard over summer on your job of creating shades for tired humans .. but don't you feel cold for the beach ?  Are you aware of those green guys among you ? Still green in color and green at heart, staring secretly at these colorful beauties around ? :) Trees bend as the wind blows and humans always oppose and prove their point.. and that's why trees are “always there” for us, not like human beings who "change

Posted by: Sudhir Dharmadhikari

तेरी खातीर फरिश्ते

2/28/2017 7:33:00 PM

तेरी खातीर फरिश्ते … सर पे इल्जाम लेंगे , हुस्न कि बात चली तो,  सब तेरा नाम लेंगे , चांद आहे भरेगा  … हे गाणं माझ्या एकदा डोक्यात गुणगुण करणं  सुरु झालं कि थांबतं फक्तं कोणीत&

Posted by: Sudhir Dharmadhikari

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