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Christian pre-wedding rituals

1/2/2013 5:31:00 AM

A wedding is the ceremony in which two people are united in an institution. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures and religions. A Christian marriage can take place anywhere. Christian weddings are usually conducted in a Church with much joy and celebrations. Christian Wedding is also an elaboration affair. In Christianity, marriages are considered the union between man and woman predestined by God. Christian Rituals are basically designed for a simple and social marriage. Participation of friends and family members of the bride and the bridegroom helps to add joy to the wedding celebrations. Christian wedding can be divided in terms of pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding rituals. Pre-wedding rituals would be covered in this blog. The Announcement or Engagement party The first formal Christian Rituals is the engagement party. It is hosted by the bride’s parents. It is conducted in the presence of a priest. The

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Rajasthani Pre wedding rituals

1/4/2013 5:48:00 AM

Rajasthan is famous not only in India but all over the world for its magnificent weddings in luxurious palaces. The Rajasthani wedding happens to be the most lavish wedding in India. The Rajasthani marriage is celebrated in a royal style. The most auspicious time for a Rajasthani wedding is from May-July or November-February. The rituals and customs in such wedding can be categorized into the pre-wedding, wedding days and post-wedding customs. This article will provide you the features of pre wedding-day customs in Rajasthani wedding. Tilak This is the very first pre-wedding ritual conducted in a Rajasthani wedding. It is a male affair. Females are not allowed to attend this ritual. Only the father, brother and other male relatives of the bride's family attend this ceremony. The brother of the bride applies tilak on to the forehead of the groom. A sword, clothes, sweets etc. are given to the groom. Sagai In this Ceremony the B

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January 14: One Day with three festivals associated with Sun

1/7/2013 11:03:00 PM

  Makar Sankranti   The movement of the Sun from one zodiac sign into another is called Sankranti and as the Sun moves into the Capricorn zodiac known as Makar in Hindi, this occasion is named as Makar Sankranti in the Indian context. It is one of the few Hindu Indian festivals which are celebrated on a fixed date i.e. 14 January every year. It is regarded as the beginning of an auspicious phase in Indian culture. It is said as the holy phase of transition. This day marks the beginning of warmer and longer days compared to the nights. Sankranti marks the termination of winter season and beginning of a new harvest or spring season. This day also holds a historical and religious significance. As it is the festival of Sun God the festival also holds an eternal meaning to it. This day thus symbolizes the importance of the special relationship between father and son. This occasion also represents the end of 'negativities' Makar Sankranti is observed with great fanfare i

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Muslim wedding or Nikaah

1/9/2013 5:34:00 AM

Muslim wedding is an elaborated affair and it extends to a period of five days. The traditions and practices followed in the wedding ceremonies relate to the Muslim world. The people who get involved in these ceremonies have Islam as their faith. Muslim wedding is also known as Nikaah. The wedding can take place at any convenient time. The wedding venue can be the bride or groom`s house. The wedding venue can be a place that is convenient for both parties. Muslim culture all over the world is famous for inviting and welcoming guests. This gives them a chance to entertain them. Just as in any other Indian wedding, here too marriage ceremonies can be divided into pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding celebrations. Here are some of the famous pre-wedding rituals followed in a Muslim wedding. Mehndi Ceremony The Mehndi ceremony is the most important ritual of Muslim wedding. It is held at the home of the bride. It can be held on the eve of marriage or a couple of days before marr

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Gujarati Pre-Wedding Rituals

1/11/2013 6:01:00 AM

The Gujarati weddings are organised on a grand scale and their rituals are very colourful.It is full of various poojas and interesting traditional customs.The entire atmosphere is full of enthusiasm. Sagai (engagement ceremony) A typical Gujarati Wedding begins with Sagaii or engagement. It is actually the first formal approval of marriage in the Gujarati community. It is a traditional ceremony when would be bride arrives at would be groom’s place. The bride's father and four other male members applyes the vermilion mark on the forehead of the groom. This announces the acceptance of the alliance between the two families. The couple is blessed at this ceremony by both the families. Mandap Muhurat This ritual has a great significance. The parents of the couple seek the blessings of Mother Earth and ask permission to commence with the digging of the soil to erect the mandva or mandap. The families pray to Lord Ganesh the Hindu God who is believed to remove all obstacles

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Jain pre-wedding rituals

1/13/2013 11:19:00 PM

  Jains celebrate their marriages with great enthusiasm.Jain weddings are simple and very traditional with a lot of rituals but They are not elaborate.The Jain people generally marry in their own communities so that children born out of this marriage are also Jain.A Jain marriage should be conducted by a Jain 'Pundit'.They think that marriage should be grand but there shouldn't be any wastage of time or money.   Marriage to the Jains is a declaration by the couple that they desire to be together for a lifetime. The speciality of a Jain wedding is, it considered to be incomplete without a grand proclamation   Though simple yet a Jain wedding has a number of pre-wedding, wedding and post wedding rituals. Let's get familiar with some of the Jain pre-wedding rituals.   Vagdana   In this ritual the parents show their intent to marry their son and daughter so they declare their wish publickly in the society.   Laghana Lekhan   It is the very

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Buddhist Pre- Wedding Rituals

1/16/2013 1:35:00 AM

Buddhist Religion is known for its simplicity and the same is reflected in its wedding ceremony also. The Buddhist wedding does not even include any complex rituals. Buddhism does not compel a person to be married. Buddhism allows each individual the freedom to decide for himself all the issues pertaining to marriage. Buddhist marriage is very simple. It is based on faith and less on religion. It is a social affair. One more striking aspect of Buddhist wedding is that you won’t get any mandatory ritual. It is entirely up to the bride and the groom and their families to plan their wedding events in whatever way they want. Buddhists can marry anyone from any religion. They can even get married in courts or at Buddhist temples if they like. Khachang The parents or the boy choose his prospective bride. Once it is decided that the you want to marry this particular girl, a family friend would usually go to the girl's house. He would carry a bottle of whisky and a white silk

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Parsi Pre-Wedding Ritual

1/17/2013 6:25:00 AM

India is one of the most religiously diverse nations in the world, with some of the most deeply religious societies and cultures. Religion still plays a central and definitive role in the life of many of its people. This stands true for marriages in India. The majority of Indians have their marriages planned by their parents. A parsi marriage is also planned by the parents and it is conducted with great eagerness and intensity. Rupia Peravanu ceremony This is the unofficial engagement between both the families. Ladies from groom's family visit the bride's house and gift her silver coins and shagun. This ceremony is repeated at the groom's house as the bride's family visits them. Groom Adravanu or Nam Padvun   Each party goes to other's party's home and present them presents of silver coins. This denotess that thay are ready for alliance. After the engagment is done the the bride takes the name of her husband, even if the marriage does not later occur. This engagment is

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Adivasi Pre-Wedding Rituals

1/18/2013 6:08:00 AM

Adivasi marriage system is very different from a general Indian marriage. There are some practices like winning of the bride by capture, purchase, service to the parent, elopement- negotiation which fascinates people. They want to know more about this type of marriage. Payment in various forms is made for bride price. Adult marriage is the usual practice. A marriage means a lot to Adivasi. Marriage is seen as a roadmap of prosperity and start of new life. Marriages in Adivasi are pure and sacred. All the customs are followed. They are few people who play a vital role in matrimony. Raibaar is the middleman who mediates in initiating talk about marriage proposal to either family. He is known by both the families.  Majhi  is the headman of village. Sar Sagun: Talk initiated by Raibaar to both the families. Raibaar visits both the families and talks to both the families. If the bride side show interest in the alliance then they would inform the Raibaar to initiate the t

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Nagaland Wedding Traditions

1/21/2013 6:19:00 AM

Marriage in Nagaland is centred around many interesting beliefs, facts and principles that are rooted deep within the tribal people of the state. Marriage takes place in the Church. The date of marriage is fixed during the engagement. During courtship the boy and the girl and their respective parents has to live a clean and prayerful life.   There are two forms of marriage—one ceremonial, the other non-ceremonial. The ceremonial involves many rituals and many guests are there to witness the events. The non-ceremonial is a simple one. It involves taking the bride to the grooms house where she stays for a single day. Naga weddings don't last for many hours. After the lunch buffet people tend to leave. Organising a Naga wedding is a huge operation taking months and months of planning. There are some interesting rituals followed in a wedding. The couple decides to marry without the consent of the parents. They get married in the middle of the night. This remains a se

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