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Part 3: Feature you would love about DESIEVITE

Wednesday, January 07, 2015 | 3:48:00 AM

 Now you are familiar with desievite’s home & registration page. You are loving these features. You want to explore. You have a curiosity of knowing about other features. Let me tell you about user’s home page which is customized according to your needs.

After registration you must have verified your account by clicking on the link you received in your mailbox. That’s great. Now you are ready to login. Please enter your e-mail id in the e-mail id textbox and password in password textbox. One more step is required. You have to press the enter key.Just Kidding.  If the system thinks everything is correct you are taken to the home page.

Home page is like your name plate you put on your home’s gate so that people can easily find you. User’s home page is a little different. It greets you. It welcomes you. It tells you that how important you are to us. It shows your picture and below the picture it shows the number of invitation you have sent till date. Clicking on total sent invitation shows the total invitation sent by you. It also shows a link to your contacts. It also has a link to take you back to the home page. It also lets you leave desievite for a while. You can do this by clicking on the log out link.

Home page is divided in two sections. On the left hand side links are there. You can use them to navigate to other pages. Right hand side is again divided in two parts. The first part shows the currents invitations in chronological order. You can click on them to view the details. The other part displays the invitation from other members. Invitations from other members do not belong to you that’s why you can only view them. It is just like a reminder. The advantage for you is that you don’t have to set a reminder manually. Our system takes care of this.

Please visit . Browse the home page. You would be familiar to the home page. The best way to know anybody is to spend time with him/her. This is valid with desievite.  Don’t think much.  Just type and press enter. It would take you to a dream portal of sending invitation and e-card. It has the potential of making you fall in love. You can fall in love with non-living things also. Don’t wait now. Open and fall in love.

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