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Memorial Day: A time to show gratitude

Wednesday, January 07, 2015 | 3:44:00 AM

 God has made the man with a brain. Brain has the ability to store information with can be used latter. Man stores the sweet and bitter memories in the brain. These memories are the act of a human being like our family members, teachers, friends or anybody with whom the man interacts. One of the days to bring out the memories stored in the brain and thank the people is the Memorial Day.

Memorial Day was first celebrated in United States to remember all the war heroes who sacrificed their life in the wars. On this day people go to their tombs, put flowers and pray for a few minutes. We can also celebrate this day in our countries by going to their tombs or we can pray for them in our homes. We should remember what they sacrificed for our safety. They are away from their home, they are away from their comfort, they are away from their loved ones. It’s their sacrifices which make us stay at our home safely. On this day we should thank them.

Another set of people which should be thankful is our family members. They are our father, mother, brothers and sisters. We should go in the past and see all the deeds they did for us without thinking how we would repay them. We should remember their love and scolding’s. We should remember what they did so that we have no problems. They searched for the best school, best tuition's, best food and the best clothes. We should remember all the favors they did for us. We can’t repay them. We can’t repay them for their love and the care. Can we? It is a day to thank them.

Another few of them we would like to thank would be our teachers and friend. We should thank our teachers for their ultimate guidance. Without their guidance we would not have attained the position today we are holding. They taught us how would should react in certain situations. They play a vital role in our studies.

We spend one third of the time with our friends. We learn a lot from them. If we have a company of good friend we can gain many things which would boost our self-confidence. We share most of the things which we can’t share with our family members. They boost our confidence when we are in a low state. We would like to thank all the friends on the Memorial Day.

This is a sample list. We can add more to it.  Memorial Day is the time when we should forgot all the bitter memories and thank them. This would start a new relationship in our life. We need relationships because we can’t do everything on our own. Memorial Day could be a new beginning.
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