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Janmashtami: The Birth of Lord Krishna

Monday, August 06, 2012 | 7:58:00 AM

Kansh was the king of Mathura at that time. He had a sister named Devaki. She was going to be married to Vasudaev. Kansh was very enthusiastic about this marriage. He decided to accompany the couple to their place after the wedding.

When they were proceeding, suddenly an echo came from the sky. The echo told that Devaki’s eighth son would be responsible for Kansh’s death. This made him angry. He ordered his soldiers to put the couple in the prison. One by one he killed every child given birth by Devaki.

When Krishna was about to born Lord Vishnu came in the dream of Vasudaev. Lord Vishnu advised him to take Sri Krishna to Gokul at midnight and exchange him with Yashoda’s daughter. He also told him that all the gates would be opened and he would be set free.

At midnight, Vasudaev woke up. He was set free. He put the child in the basket. All the gated were opened. All the guards were fast asleep. He placed the basket on his head and started towards the destination. On the way there was Yamnu River. It parted into two and allowed Vasudaev to pass away. It was raining very heavily. God Naga provided Lord Krishna protection against the rain.

Vasudaev reached Yashoda’s house. He exchanged Lord Krishna with the baby girl. He returned to the prison. He was amazed to see that all the gates were opened and all the guards were fast asleep. He put the baby in the side of Yashoda. After that he went to sleep.

In the morning the child started to cry. This awaked everybody in the prison. When Kansh came to know that Devki has given birth to a child, he came into the prison. Devaki pleaded not to kill the new-born in front of Kansa but all in vain. Kansh snatched the baby from her hand. When he was about to throw the baby, the baby flew into sky and changed her form. She told that Devaki’s son is born into this world and his death is near. After that she disappeared.

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