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Jain pre-wedding rituals

Sunday, January 13, 2013 | 11:19:00 PM


Jains celebrate their marriages with great enthusiasm.Jain weddings are simple and very traditional with a lot of rituals but They are not elaborate.The Jain people generally marry in their own communities so that children born out of this marriage are also Jain.A Jain marriage should be conducted by a Jain 'Pundit'.They think that marriage should be grand but there shouldn't be any wastage of time or money.


Marriage to the Jains is a declaration by the couple that they desire to be together for a lifetime. The speciality of a Jain wedding is, it considered to be incomplete without a grand proclamation


Though simple yet a Jain wedding has a number of pre-wedding, wedding and post wedding rituals. Let's get familiar with some of the Jain pre-wedding rituals.




In this ritual the parents show their intent to marry their son and daughter so they declare their wish publickly in the society.


Laghana Lekhan


It is the very first ritual of any Jain wedding and is held at the bride's house. A small puja is conducted at the bride’s home.An auspicious date and time for the wedding is decided by the priest. It is then sent to the groom's house.This function is usually attended by close relatives and friends.


Lagna Patrika Vachan


It is held at the groom's house. The lagan patrika vachan, sent from the bride’s home along with the time of the wedding is read out at the boy's house at some auspicious time. The groom then performs a Vinayakyatra puja.


Sagai or Engagement ceremony


It is held at the groom's house.The bride’s brother puts tikka on his forehead. He also gifts him a gold chain, a ring, clothes, coconut, sweets and money. There after, the groom seeks blessings from all the elders present.


Maha Mandap


This ritual takes place at both the bride's and the groom's place a day or two before marriage. Here, the priest performs all the religious rituals.




This ritual takes place on the arrival of the groom's procession at the girl's place on the day of the wedding.The bride’s brother and the groom apply tikka to each other and exchange coconuts, money, sweet and clothes. 




Married women welcome the groom from the bride's side and perform traditional aarti and sing mangal geet.

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