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Graduation day a MILESTONE and an ADVANCEMENT in the life

Wednesday, January 07, 2015 | 3:57:00 AM

 Graduation day is one of the most popular days in the life of a student. It started in 1432 at Oxford University. It is the special day when he/she graduates from high school and is awarded with the academic degree of a "graduate". On this day a ceremony is held in which every bachelor graduating from an institution has to deliver a speech stating what he has achieved in the institution and how he is feeling after graduating. This ceremony ends by throwing hats in the air.

On this day he completes his studies and is going to receive an academic degree. After this day he moves up in the life. Now he is going to begin the life of a professional. Whatever he has learnt in school or college he is going to apply in the professional world. After this day the expectation of his family and other people starts to increase. He becomes a mature adult. Now he is ready to take the most important decisions of his life.

When we are studying our teachers help us to build our character. Character of a student plays an important part in the life. We may look smart but if the foundation of our character is weak then the outer looks are useless. Character building is a gradual process. It depends on many things. It depends on our family background, friends and the institute we are going in. We spend most of the time in the institution. Institution plays a very important part in the character building process. We also learn a lot from our friends. If one has to describe about you he can tell about you from the friend you keep. If you friends are alcoholic there are chances that you would be also an alcoholic. You character depends on the company you keep. The institution teaches you to keep good company. Some institutes try to form a group of weak and best students so that both can benefit from each other.

Graduation day is the time to go in the past. It is the time to learn from our mistakes and to promise ourselves that we would not commit these types of mistakes in the future. We would  continue with the good habit and would not attract any bad habits.

Graduation day is the time to thank our family, teacher and friends. One of the best and effort less way to thank them is to send an e-card.  Desievite is the portal which has an excellent collection of graduation day e-cards. In addition to that the process of sending e-cards is very simple. Don't think a lot. Just visit and send a graduation day e-card today.

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