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Friendship Day Short Stories – 1

Sunday, August 5, 2012 | 1:04:00 AM

There was a hare in a jungle. She was very popular amongst the animals there. She used to talk and share her feeling with everybody. She was very happy.

One day she heard horrified news from the animals there. A group of dogs were approaching towards them. She came to knew that the group are attacking small animal, killing and feeding on them. She became frightened. She started making plans of escaping from there. She thought that the animals from the jungle would help in escaping and in this way she would be saved from the dogs.

First, she decided to approach the horse. She thought that he would carry her on his back and leave her to a safe place. She told her plans to him. He didn’t want to help her. He told that his master has given him a task that he has to finish today so he can’t help her. She was very depressed. She was frozen for a moment. Suddenly a thought came. She decided to approach the bull.

When she was going to meet the bull, she thought that he would protect her with his strong horns. She requested the bull to protect her from the dogs. He refused to help her because he had an appointment with an animal. Her dreams were shattered but she didn’t lose hope.

Thirdly, she went to the goat. The goat thought that if she helped her she would harm her back. She also refused to help her. She was heartbroken but didn’t lose hope.

She decided to approach the sheep. The hare asked for protection. The sheep explained her that the dogs also attack the sheep so she also has to take care of herself. She can’t help her. The sheep told the hare to approach the calf.

She was totally heartbroken but she decided to approach the calf for help. She requested him for help. He told her that he would not take the responsibility in his hands. In addition to that he told her that he has heard that horse, the bull, the goat and the sheep has turned down his request. After hearing this she was completely disheartened.
Now nobody in the jungle was ready to help her. She thought that they were her friends and they would help her when she was in trouble. She decided to escape on her own. She searched a safe place and hid inside it. Due to her presence of mind her life was safe.

A true friend helps you when you are in trouble.

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