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Bhagat Singh: Acts of Bravery -2

Wednesday, January 07, 2015 | 3:05:00 AM

 After the assignation of John P. Saunders who was an Assistant Superintendent of Police, the british government was shaken from the roots. They should have found out the reasons for the discontent. Instead they took more repressive measures. They brought a bill named ‘Defence of India Act ’. It gave the police a free hand. Now they can arrest persons to stop processions. In addition to that they can also arrest suspicious persons whom they thought were involved in anti british activities. The whole country was against the bill.

These days Bhagat Singh was hiding from the police. When he heard about the bill he was unhappy. He decided to protest. He along with Batukeshwar Dutt planned to throw a bomb in the Central Assembly Hall while the session was going on. Their motive was to protest in a peaceful way. They didn’t want to hurt anybody. They also decided to throw pamphlets about Indian Independence. Furthermore they decided not to run away from the scene.

On April 8, 1929 they threw bombs on the Central Assembly Hall. After throwing the bombs they started throwing the pamphlets in the air about Indian Independence. They were also shouting slogan “Vande Matarm”. Panic spread around the Central Assembly Hall. People in the assembly started running here and there. The police came and arrested Bhagat Singh and Batukeshwar Dutt who were still busy in shouting slogans and throwing pamphlets. Nobody was hurt. It was a peaceful event. After their arrest they were put in the jail.

When they were in Jail they noticed the discrimination between European and Indian prisoners. They noticed that European prisoners were given more amenities than the Indian prisoners. European prisoners stayed in hygienic places, they got good food, tables and chair to sit. They can also read books and newspaper. Bhagat Singh decided to fight against this indifference. Everybody explained him that it would be of no use but he was adamant. He explained the prisoners that somebody has to take a step forward to change the present situation. The prisoners decided to support him.

Bhagat Singh proposed a hunger strike. They started it and it was endless. It was gaining popularity in the country. The jail authorities tried to break it by taking some illegal steps like placing milk in the pots instead of water, feeding the prisoners with a pipe and placing food items in the cells. These activities didn’t shake the motive of the prisoners.

Now the british government was helpless. They decided to start the Saunders murder trial. The trial was carried out in the absence of the accused. They were ordered to be hanged. On 23rd March 1931 one day in advance to the original date were hanged. The crowd stood at the prison gates to get the last glimpses of these Independence soldiers. After their death their bodies were not handed to their families. They were secretly cremated and the ashes were thrown in the Satluj river.

He was an inspirational icon in the Indian freedom struggle. He gave a new direction to the revolutionary movement in India. He thought that it was legal to use violence to throw the britishers out of the country. His contribution to the Indian independence would be remembered forever.

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