Jay P Narain


Posted on: 4/25/2017 11:52:00 PM

I explore thee in the glorious sunrise over the lake,
I search thee in the joyous flight of birds,
I wish the bright sun rays would fill my heart with cheers,
I hope the spirit of freedom will uplift my emotions,
Yet I feel an emptiness in me overshadowing your existence.

I chase thee in the drifting clouds,
I pursue thee in the green mountain valleys,
I wish you would fill my instincts with the cloudlike divine ecstasy,
I hope you would paint my mind with the valley's eternal gaiety,
Yet I can't discover you in the wonders of nature.

I gaze thee amidst twinkling stars in starry nights,
I probe thee in the moon light over the dark shadows,
I wish you would comfort me from my agony and distress,
I hope you would give me strength to overcome my fears,
Yet I mysteriously elude you from my feelings and emotions.

I seek thee in the deep blue eyes of my love,
I quest thee in the money and riches,
I wish your love would last forever in me,
I hope money and wealth would bring some glitter in me,
Yet I am disheartened as I can't find you in materialistic pleasures.

I know you are waiting for me somewhere,
I would love you with deep passion,
I wish my pain and sorrow would be replaced with joy with your touch,
I hope my dreams and hopes would come alive with your presence,
Yet only if I could just find you somewhere.

Posted on: 4/25/2017 11:49:00 PM

What is hope, ask a bee in cold winter days,
she hangs around the pruned rose bushes,
with the hope that someday the spring will come,
and the flowers will bloom again in the garden.

What is hope, ask the blue bird pair in early spring,
they work diligently to bring every twig and grass,
to build their nest in the corner nook of my house,
I see the hope in the eyes of this lovely pair,
They are dreaming of a happy home for their family.

What is hope, ask a lonesome soul,
When the uncertainties linger around in mind,
hope is the only refuge to calm our fears,
When the loneliness sends one in depression,
the hope of a companionship overshadows the despair.

What is hope, ask a human being,
our life is a sand castle of hope on a sandy beach,
with the lingering fear of drowning in occasional high tide,
our destiny, our future, and our own survival,
hangs around the magical hope, the hope that is the eternal inspiration.

Posted on: 4/13/2017 7:01:00 PM

Love letters....

The letters once I sent to my wife,
They are old and faded by now,
She kept all my letters in her safe drawer,
Now that she is gone, I feel that they are my love treasures.

There were no email those days,
The message of love took forever to reach those days,
There always seemed a void in life,
The heart was waiting for the love letter to arrive.

There were no instant messaging or chat those days,
Every word in the love letter conveyed deep feelings from inside,
The image of loneliness were embedded in those lines,
The wait to meet soon lingered in the love word vines.

These days email we read and trash,
The chat leaves us high and dry with heaps of loneliness,
Even if we save the precious love lines,
The computer may crash and delete all the treasured feelings.

Posted on: 4/4/2017 7:59:00 PM

In the dark alleys of loneliness,
a shadow of love and affection becomes the only ray of hope,
the search continues in daydreams and anxious thoughts,
only to discover the truth, I am the only person who truely deserves my love and affectionn.

How do I get rid of my loneliness, how do I find the true love,
Life is a boat in the river of emotions, partners like travelers come and go,
Dwelling in past, remembering the fond moments, soothes my mind,
But the past is past, time has slipped by, the waves have withdrawn from the shores.

In the dark and silent rooms of loneliness, a flickering candle gives me some hope,
The dreams of loving future abounds, but they disappear when I open my eyes.
The present stands still by my side, invisible like the air I breathe in,
If I concentrate my mind on the present, may be the fog will lift with penetrating sunshine.

We are shaped by our thoughts, we become what we think,
No one saves us but ourselves, No one can and no one will,
We ourselves must walk the path, and when the mind is pure,
joy will follow like a shadow that never leaves.

Posted on: 4/4/2017 7:57:00 PM

The words we speak ...

Words we speak,
Can break someone's heart,
The words we speak,
Can mend someone's broken heart.

Speak sweetly, pleasant to others ears,
Make other people happy, make yourself content,
No one can even willingly taste the twisted terse words,
like putting a cube in a circular hole.

The words you write can make you great,
you can be a great poet, write poems full of romantic words,
you can be a philosopher, write about intricate mystery of mind,
you can be a scientist, write a thesis and prove it to the world.

The vicious nature of abusive words,
comes and torments your own heart,
The words spoken in anger,
sometimes burn your own conscience.

Posted on: 4/4/2017 7:53:00 PM

What people think about me.....

My parents always thought about me,
as a sincere, hard working, and shy boy,
They had high hopes of me becoming a rich tycoon,
Never imagining me turning into a poet with empty pocket admiring the moon.

When I came to US as a young single man for higher studies,
My friends thought I would spend more time in female studies,
They would be surprised to know that I did not had time,
to even look at the bikini clad girls sun worshipping outside.

What my wife thinks about me for so many years,
A stubborn lonesome man lost in his own world,
A poet fallen in love with love,
writing poems on abstract woman from past and beyond.

Now what my loved ones think about me,
A nice person who went to a party school,
Got many degrees without knowing what beer was,
A pseudo artist cum computer geek,
Who is inseparable from his sweetheart, the internet and the computer machine.

Posted on: 4/4/2017 7:50:00 PM


Found some dusty albums,
almost getting discarded with time,
The time and technology has gone far too fast,
No one now sticks pictures in an album, the finger tip camera album is the only survivor.

Who looks at all the old pictures in the albums anyway,
Who has the time to reminiscience their childhood days,
Who wants to know how little and precious kids once they were,
who wonders why parents adored them in front of nice garden, lake or ocean .

Don't beleive what nostaliga it is, open the pages of an album,
Your life will seem to evolve with every page you turn,
For a moment, the past will become present, the memories will come alive,
Every picture has some history, your heart will smile with the fondness and love.

The history of evolution used to get stored in those albums,
I can see myslef getting old from youth, playing with children, loving my wife,
The black and white pictures holding their grace, the color ones displaying exuberance,
Older I get, more time I have, to look at the albums and blend with the past.

Posted on: 4/4/2017 7:49:00 PM


We stand in silence,
Our flag flies half mast,
To remember the innocent victims of,
Hate, suspicion, indifferences and mental health.

Does jihad promise a few a place in heavenly paradise?
Does feeling religiously superior make one better than others?
Does lack of communication and partnership in daily events decrease our indifferences?
Does keeping away from complex social issues pacify root cause of problems?

The answer we all know is no,
The devotees should be taught love and tolerance towards others,
The non violent actions should be taught at every level of life,
The military style weapons are really not needed for any one's protection.

Read any holy book, they preach love and peace,
Investigate historical time line, the non violence has always won and stood the test of time,
Explore any philosophy, open social dialogs have solved bitter divisions,
Look at our own lives, cool heads and understanding always prevailed and won our hearts.

Posted on: 4/4/2017 7:47:00 PM

Supreme lover...

The nature provides shelter to all the species,
May it be birds, bees, deers, or bears,
May it be flowers enchanting in so many vivid colors,
Likewise Supreme protects nature and us all with open arms,
We are the beloved, believers or not.

The lover waits for the beloved,
The footsteps, voice chimes in the beloved's heart,
The Supreme looks over and cares for us,
With an unconditional lover, all the beloveds vision to unite with the love.

The seasons change, Time matches on,
The pleasures come, the pain and suffering follows,
The brightness of day is followed by the darkness of night,
the Supreme lover stands by the beloved, going thru ups and downs in life.

The seasonal cycle of change in seasons,
The birth and death cycle of beloved,
The Supreme love stays still, the love does not change,
The flowers or species may change, the love of lover and beloved remains the same.

Posted on: 4/3/2017 10:33:00 PM

My trip to India is coming to a close. Here are some of my thoughts....

A grand tour of India,
Conceived after weeks of planning,
I will go east, west, north and south,
All excited I land in Delhi.

The friends departed with one excuse or other,
I decided to take the trip on my own,
A trip to meet my brothers , sisters and friends,
A trip to see my nephews and nieces and all my grand children.

Was the royal palace in Mysore more inviting,
Than the humble home of my nieces, brothers and sisters?
Was the eternal symbol of love Taj Mahal,
Moe inspiring than the unspoken love of couples in our family?

The loneliness creates a vacuum in the heart,
Only to be filled with affection from elders and friends of fifty years past,
The cute smile, talks and affectionate plays of grand children,
Creates the fulfilling aura of unconditional love.

A trip made after too many years,
Worth more than the cruises and vacation trips,
The faces, smiles and acts of kindness from my family members,

Will stay in my memory and heart for years to come.

Thank you all!

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