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Sri Krishna and Putna

Tuesday, August 07, 2012 | 7:44:00 AM

Kansa was very frightened after he heard the Krishna was born. In his dream he would see Krishna killing him. On day he called a meeting of his ministers to discuss this situation. After discussion he reached to the conclusion to kill Krishna before he turns into an adult. His minister suggested him to take the help of Putna.

Putna was a wicked witch. She was famous for killing small children by her magical powers. Kansa called her and assigned the task of killing Krishna. She assured that it was an easy task and she will succeed.

Putna started for Gokul. She didn’t have any difficulty finding Sri Krishna. A lot of people were visiting the house to greet the baby. She decided to change her form.
She transformed into a beautiful lady well dressed and well mannered. Everybody present there was influenced with her beauty. Nobody thought that she is a wicked bitch who has come here to kill Sri Krishna.
Putna was very curious. She started searching for Sri Krishna. She found the Lord lying on the bed glancing the ceiling, smiling. She took the baby in her lap. She
offered her breast to Sri Krishna to feed on. Putna has applied a strong poison on her breasts.  Sri Krishna started feeding. After sometime Putna started crying in
pain and after a while she died. She came in the real form. Sri Krishna was playing in Putna’s lap smiling. Everybody present there was astonished.

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