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What people think about me

Tuesday, April 04, 2017 | 7:53:00 PM

What people think about me.....

My parents always thought about me,
as a sincere, hard working, and shy boy,
They had high hopes of me becoming a rich tycoon,
Never imagining me turning into a poet with empty pocket admiring the moon.

When I came to US as a young single man for higher studies,
My friends thought I would spend more time in female studies,
They would be surprised to know that I did not had time,
to even look at the bikini clad girls sun worshipping outside.

What my wife thinks about me for so many years,
A stubborn lonesome man lost in his own world,
A poet fallen in love with love,
writing poems on abstract woman from past and beyond.

Now what my loved ones think about me,
A nice person who went to a party school,
Got many degrees without knowing what beer was,
A pseudo artist cum computer geek,
Who is inseparable from his sweetheart, the internet and the computer machine.

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