Jay P Narain

The words we speak

Tuesday, April 04, 2017 | 7:57:00 PM

The words we speak ...

Words we speak,
Can break someone's heart,
The words we speak,
Can mend someone's broken heart.

Speak sweetly, pleasant to others ears,
Make other people happy, make yourself content,
No one can even willingly taste the twisted terse words,
like putting a cube in a circular hole.

The words you write can make you great,
you can be a great poet, write poems full of romantic words,
you can be a philosopher, write about intricate mystery of mind,
you can be a scientist, write a thesis and prove it to the world.

The vicious nature of abusive words,
comes and torments your own heart,
The words spoken in anger,
sometimes burn your own conscience.

Posted By Jay P Narain

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