Jay P Narain

Supreme lover

Tuesday, April 04, 2017 | 7:47:00 PM

Supreme lover...

The nature provides shelter to all the species,
May it be birds, bees, deers, or bears,
May it be flowers enchanting in so many vivid colors,
Likewise Supreme protects nature and us all with open arms,
We are the beloved, believers or not.

The lover waits for the beloved,
The footsteps, voice chimes in the beloved's heart,
The Supreme looks over and cares for us,
With an unconditional lover, all the beloveds vision to unite with the love.

The seasons change, Time matches on,
The pleasures come, the pain and suffering follows,
The brightness of day is followed by the darkness of night,
the Supreme lover stands by the beloved, going thru ups and downs in life.

The seasonal cycle of change in seasons,
The birth and death cycle of beloved,
The Supreme love stays still, the love does not change,
The flowers or species may change, the love of lover and beloved remains the same.

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